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Alboomio - a small family of photo products! Keeping memories from oblivion has never been easier! Hardboomio is at your disposal, Softboomio, PolaroidBox and PhotoStrips. Choose the product you like best and make sure the happy moments are recorded and always at your fingertips. All you have to do is download the Alboomio mobile app from the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS), and then send the photos you want to the photo album with the theme you want.

Hardboomio 14 EUR

48 photos

Hardcover photo book is an excellent combination of beautiful and user-friendly.Hardcover with a beautiful cover design according to your preferences, guarantees quality and longer shelf life. Be sure that with Hardboomio your memories are in safe hands.The quality of Alboomio product depends on...

Softboomio 13 EUR

48 photos

Equally attractive and desirable as Hardboomio.A softcover photo book that is always at your fingertips!It is convenient for flipping through pictures. Make walking through your memories comfortable. The quality of Alboomio product depends on the quality of digital photos you provide, so make sure...

Polaroid Box 14 EUR

45 photos

Box polaroid is a decorative box that will cherish the most beautiful moments. It will decorate your home with its appearance.Ideal for a gift to remember! Bestow someone your mutual memories and make sure they are not forgotten.The quality of Alboomio product depends on the quality of digital...

Photo Strips 10 EUR

40 photos

An exciting and fun way to collect the memories you want.Photo strips are stored in a high-quality hard paper case, meant to save the ştrips.Each strip contains four photos.The quality of Alboomio product depends on the quality of digital photos you provide, so make sure the quality is...

About us

It is said that a picture speaks more than a 1000 words. Just imagine how much a photo album can tell you…This is precisely our mission –turning the moments which hold a special place in your heart into wholes whose stories will last forever and remind you of the experiences worth remembering. Why do we say “lastforever”? Digitalization, as well as the occurrence of smart phones, have made the process of taking photos easier and have eliminated the process of developing photos, seeing it as when you take a photo via smart phone, it is automatically saved on the phone. We know, long live technology! Still, the problem with storing photos on a mobile phone or any other device is the memory whose capacity, no matter how big, has its limits. Of course, you can always transfer your digital photos to a CD or a USB flash drive, but unfortunately, both of them have an expiration date. Also, regardless of how much we try to keep pace with time, you’ve got to admit that there is a special feeling to the sound of photo album pages, while you’re turning them in the company of your special someone. That’s where Alboomio comes into play, offering you the possibility of development and free delivery of photo albums containing printed digital photos in the form of Polaroid, whose design include different themes.